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Abby's first career was as a newspaper reporter, most of it spent at The Oregonian, where she covered just about everything from the Olympic Games to the environment. She began coaching youth and adult rowers about six years ago, the same time that she started coaching kids in Nordic skiing. Abby hopes her new career will include all of her different passions - she's a freelance writer, is writing a novel and is studying for her personal athletic trainer certification.
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Alejandra is a recent graduate of Yale University, where she obtained her B. A. in Modern Middle East Studies and Mathematics/Philosophy with a minor in Human Rights. After finishing her tenure with Mercy Corps, she will attend a yearlong intensive Arabic program in Cairo, Egypt, as a fellow with the Center for Arabic Study Abroad. Her interests include postcolonial theory, comparative politics, and economic justice both within the Middle East and without.
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Annie Baker is a recent graduate of Lewis & Clark College where she earned her B.A. with honors in Sociology-Anthropology and minors in ethnic studies and French. Originally hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Annie has enjoyed making Portland her home over the past four years. Outside of work, she can be found exploring one of Portland's many local coffee shops, on a hiking trail, or eating ramen.
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Taylor is an undergraduate student currently studying international relations and economics at Tufts University in Boston. In addition to Global Envision, he writes weekly articles for Foreign Brief, a global news company. After graduating college, he hopes to dedicate some time to the Peace Corps before working on developing economies and supplying key insights into international affairs.

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