QUOTABLE: Saving modern agriculture

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QUOTABLE: Saving modern agriculture

Jenny Vaughan/Mercy Corps

Agroecology measures its success by a yardstick that includes not only bushels and calories but by how well food nourishes people while regenerating soil and water and helping farmers make a good living.”

—Daniel Moss, executive director of the AgroEcology Fund, and Mark Bittman, former New York Times columnist

Moss and Bittman highlight a new movement to produce food ethically and sustainably across the globe. Agroecology draws resources from surrounding ecosystems and the farm itself to grow food. A diverse array of supporters including India, France, Los Angeles, Chicago, and aid organizations in Ghana and Tanzania, are already on board. A 30-year study found that farms following organic agroecology methods matched conventional agriculture within a few years.

The future of agriculture, assert Moss and Bittman, must protect the livelihoods of farmers and indigenous people while making local markets work for consumers.

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