Breakfast helping to rehabilitate homeless youth

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Breakfast helping to rehabilitate homeless youth

Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

A Sudanese charity and a group of community volunteers have found a new way to guide homeless Sudanese youth back into society: Breakfast.

The Mojaddidon charity was founded a year ago to feed the many youth who are orphans or who have been left homeless by the Sudanese conflict. By the end of the its first month, volunteers had organized classes for the youth. Mojaddidon opened a school, giving youth the chance to enjoy a free meal, play sports and socialize. The youth can also receive treatment for addictions.

“At the beginning of the project, the children came to us,” said Alla Sedik Mohamed, a volunteer teacher for Mojaddidon. “They asked for meals and we gave them. By the time the number of children increased, we thought of the idea: We can teach them, too”

Students are supported by the “Two for One” program. Two local residents volunteer to provide one student with mentorship and financial support. 

See more in the video below.

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