News Round Up: Macron Elected and Venezuela's worst economic crisis

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News Round Up: Macron Elected and Venezuela's worst economic crisis

Photo Credit: Flickr/ AndresAzp Man protesting in Caracas, Venezuela


Macron: ‘Tonight, you won. France won.’ 
Tens of thousands attended celebration to welcome Emmanuel Macron as France’s new president.

Colombia and ELN rebels to return to peace negotiations.
National Liberation Army guerrilla group will resume peace talks with the Colombian government after delays.

Secret U.S. space plane lands with a boom in Florida
The Air Force’s experimental X-37B space plane ended its two-year mission with a sonic boom—surprising residents surrounding Florida’s Space Coast. Officials have been vague about the details of the space plane’s 700-day mission.


What is the unemployment rate in your country?
There are more than 200 million people without jobs globally. The International Labour Organization (ILO) attributes the 5.7 percent increase in unemployment to governments not creating enough job to meet local demands.

Venezuela’s worst economic crisis: What went wrong?
Venezuela is experiencing the worst economic crisis in its history.  The inflation rate is over 400 percent. People are taking to the street to protest the situation, infuriated by exorbitant prices.

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data
The data economy demands a new approach to antitrust rules.


Which countries destroy the environment the most (and least)?
Price Economics
Which countries use the most environmental resources and which ones create new resources?

Washed up whale ‘most contaminated’ on record
Lulu the killer whale washed on the shores of Scotland last year. Test show that her blubber contained the highest amount of toxic chemicals called PCBs recorded. PCBs are manmade chemicals used in plastics and electrical goods, but were banned in 1970s.


Seeing the light: How India is embracing solar power
India unveiled the worlds biggest solar farm earlier this year and has increased its solar capacity four-fold in the past three years. Solar energy is bringing electricity to millions of off-grid households.


Fresh food by prescription: This health care firm is trimming cost—and waistlines. 
With the skyrocketing costs of lifestyle diseases, doctors are rethinking how they are prescribing treatments. The Fresh Food Pharmacy participants with healthy staples such as whole grain pasta and legumes in addition to fresh produce. The cost of care has decreased significantly for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Women (and men) demand an end to India’s tax on sanitary pads
The hashtag #LahuKaLagann has gone viral in India—calling for the end of tax on sanitary pads. The cost is one reason that 88 percent of India’s 355 million menstruating women do not use sanitary pads.


Why some refugees in Greece are being driven to suicide
Many refugees have lost hope for the future—as countries decide ‘what to do with them.’

Nearly 200 asylum seekers feared dead off Libya coast
200 people are missing after two boat sinks heading for Europe. The recued migrants bear signs of torture suffered in Libya.

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