News Roundup: Pope fosters ties in Egypt, World Celebrates May Day

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News Roundup: Pope fosters ties in Egypt, World Celebrates May Day

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U.S. claims drones only killed 116 civilians; experts say it’s way more
Journalists and rights experts say the Obama admin.'s report on drone strikes is understated and lacks transparency

UK elections: gap closes by 10 points in a week as Corbyn moves up and May down
The Labour party leader gained six points with a 31 percent support, while May's Tories dropped to 44 percent.

Marxist Palestinians Launch Cyber Attack Against Israel in Support of Hunger Strikers
In response to the PFLP’s attack, Israel’s Cyber Defense Authority threatened to retaliate. The PFLP said it would accept the challenge.

Humanitarian Aid
How Egypt hopes to protect, educate street children
Al Monitor
In an effort to address the worsening plight of Egypt’s street children, the Egyptian government launched the "Homeless Children" initiative on April 8 to accommodate 10,000 street children.

Trump’s plan to slash foreign aid comes as famine threat is surging
Washington Post

President Trump has proposed large cuts to foreign aid at a time of acute need across Africa and the Middle East, with four countries approaching famine and 20 million people nearing starvation, according to the United Nations.

From France to Indonesia, celebrating May Day
New York Times
The traditionally leftist May Day holiday has become a patriotic celebration in Russia, but turnout on Monday was nearly 1.5 million, much higher than in recent years.

China’s Environmental Woes, in Films That Go Viral, Then Vanish
New York Times

A documentary by Wang Jiuliang, “Plastic China,” about the plastic waste industry, was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and went viral in January before quickly disappearing from the internet in China.

Is Pope Francis' Egypt visit new beginning for Vatican-Azhar ties?
Al Monitor
With the 26-hour historic visit of Pope Francis to Cairo on April 28-29, Al-Azhar and the Vatican have restored momentum to Christian-Muslim dialogue. At the end of the visit, Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb and the head of the Roman Catholic Church exchanged a warm embrace.


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