School for Justice: India's Sex Trafficking Survivors Fight Back

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School for Justice: India's Sex Trafficking Survivors Fight Back

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Shortly after her 16th birthday, Lata was married to a local man in Kultali, India. Two months after her wedding day, Lata’s husband sold her to a brothel.

Lata joined an estimated 1.2 million Indian children forced into prostitution. For most of these children there’s little hope of a brighter future, but Lata’s story is different. She escaped—and now, she wants justice.

"Becoming a lawyer is my dream,” Lata says, “and bringing justice to those responsible for forced child prostitution is my goal … I want to punish the men who did this to me."

Lata is one of 19 former underage sex-workers who form the inaugural class of the Free a Girl Movement’s School for Justice. The school is helping these young women receive law degrees with a specialized focus on child trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Learn more about the School for Justice, and how you can support the fight against child prostitution in India, here.

School for Justice - Determined to fight back

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