Weekly News Roundup: The cost of flooding in Peru

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Weekly News Roundup: The cost of flooding in Peru



Crowds attack Africans in India after teen’s death
Targeted violence erupted after an Indian teen’s drug related death was blamed on a Nigerian man in Greater Noida.
Al Jazeera

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny detained in Moscow rally
A major opposition leader was arrested in the largest Russian protests since 2011-2012.
Al Jazeera

Palestinians get 'right to return' — to Jerusalem
The Israeli High Court of Justice recognized the “special” status of East Jerusalem Palestinians. “Jerusalemites ‘citizens by birth,’ not immigrants,” proclaims one headline.
Al Monitor


Cambodia bans export of human breast milk after US operation raises concerns
Unicef has called the controversial export practice exploitative, stating that excess breast milk should remain in Cambodia, where many babies lack proper nutrition.
The Guardian

Namibian Government effects a 9 percent salary increases for civil servants
Nantu secretary general Basilius Haingura said he is happy that government has kept its promise to raise salaries “It will improve the lives of not just teachers, but all public workers.”
The Nambian

Argentina Unemployment Rate Fell to 7.6 percent in Fourth Quarter
The falling unemployment rate will potentially ease pressure on President Mauricio Macri, battling complaints that his economic policies are taking too long.
The Wall Street Journal


Peru’s brutal season of floods leaves 94 dead, 700,000 homeless
The Peruvian government raised the death toll from floods to 94 while relief agencies estimated that 700,000 people have been left homeless in 12 of the country’s 25 provinces.
Los Angeles Times

Tears and the Great Barrier Reef
An emotional behind-the-scenes take on the slow bleaching and death of the Great Barrier Reef.
The New York Times

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