Quotable: Are crickets the food of the future?

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Quotable: Are crickets the food of the future?

Flicker/Marc Garnaut

“It is called the food of the future.”- Cambodian businessman Nheourk Phearum, on his parents' farm.

The food? Crickets. His pens can produce up to 220 pounds of the Khmer delicacy every harvest, which get consumed like potato chips in the west. But promise of the food is in its cost: Each pen can produce up to 100 kilograms of crickets per harvest at $3 per kilogram. Buying is inexpensive, too: The insect goes for around $1.50 per pound. 

Around 2 billion people already eat insects each day, but it's catching on as a new trend in for urbanites in Europe and America. Like so many foods unusual to western tongues, the high-protein tastes vaguely of chicken.

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