This week: Refugees return to Syria border town after ISIS ousted

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This week: Refugees return to Syria border town after ISIS ousted

Rachel Unkovic/International Rescue Committee


South Africa to Withdraw From International Criminal Court
New York Times
The second country in Africa this week to withdraw from the ICC. The court charges leaders with war crimes and crimes against humanity, but is accused of disproportionately targeting African leaders.

Thailand's opposition heartland shelves politics to mourn king
Thailand institutes a year of mourning following the death of the king, but the monarchy’s opposition still hopes for a democratic presidential election they’ve been promised in 2017.


Men urged to sign up for UN’s gender equality agenda
The National
In an effort to create global equality for women, men are being asked to join the fight and pledge their devotion to this issue in the UN’s HeForShe campaign.

South Africa: Youth-Led Solutions for SA Energy Challenges
A new device created by a young South African woman harnesses the country’s many geysers in a more efficient manner, providing hot water to households within minutes.

Land Rights

How are Coca-Cola and PepsiCo stacking up on land rights?
The top two soft drink companies have committed to a zero-tolerance land grab policy (i.e. buying land that belongs to native communities), but how are they really doing?


Fighting for Indonesia’s Mentally Ill, and Counting Toilets as Progress
New York Times
One woman has made it her mission to improve Indonesia’s mental health system regardless of political attacks, slander, and a country ill equipped to care for those in need.


What to Know About the Controversy Over Child Refugees Arriving in the U.K.
The Jungle, a refugee camp in Calais, France, made up primarily of displaced children from the Middle East and Africa, is sending most to the UK, but are these refugees really children?

Freedom in Jarabulus: Syrian border town rebuilds post-ISIS
CBC News
The first wave of Jarabulus’ refugees are returning home this week after Turkish forces regain control of the city. Though life is far from normal, military forces are confident ISIS will be defeated within the year.

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