Weekly news brief: From toilets to clean water

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Weekly news brief: From toilets to clean water

Sanitation and Health Rights in India

A Toilet for India that Also Delivers Clean Water
A smart solution for India’s sanitation needs: A toilet that generates the money to clean itself.

Climate Change
Poor countries must find $4tn by 2030 to avert catastrophe, says climate study
The Guardian
As Paris climate change agreement is signed in New York, developing country
negotiators highlight gulf between ambition and funding.

Leaders Roll Up Sleeves on Climate, but Experts Say Plans Don’t Pack a Wallop
The NY Times
After a quarter-century of failed diplomatic efforts, signs are growing that nations
have turned a corner in their political willingness to tackle climate change.

If the war on drugs is failing, U.N. Assembly doesn’t see it
The LA Times
Advocates for drug reform, who were hoping that a high-level summit this week
might lead to a turnaround of decades-old global drug policies that many consider
failed steps in the war on drugs, left the meeting disappointed.

Nigeria must stop unsafe abortions killing women
The Guardian
I will never forget the 19-year- old who died after she endured an abortion performed
with the spoke of a bicycle wheel.

A Young Fighter Against Child Prostitution
Wall Street Journal
At 19, Cheryl Perera founded OneChild Network and Support to combat the sexual
exploitation of children

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