The Week Ahead: Millions of Dollars from Bangladesh Go Missing

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The Week Ahead: Millions of Dollars from Bangladesh Go Missing

Ashikur Rahman for Reuters

Water Access

Could Harvesting Fog Help Solve the World’s Water Crisis?
The New Yorker
Nets that harvest fog are bringing potable water to the arid Aït Baâmrane region of southwest Morocco.

Papua New Guinea has world's worst access to clean water, says WaterAid
The Guardian
Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Chad, and Mozambique also fare badly, according to a report highlighting the global water and sanitation crisis.

How many rural Indian households have “sufficient” drinking water
Rapid population growth in India has reduced the country’s per capita fresh water availability by nearly 2,000 cubic meters over the past 50 years.

Report Ties Coal Plants to Water Shortage in Northern China
The New York Times
China’s consumption of coal is exacerbating northern China’s severe water shortage, according to a recent Greenpeace report.

Labor and Human Rights

UN gives Qatar a year to end forced labour of migrant workers
The Guardian
The International Labor Organisation finds employees stranded without pay or passports in 2022 World Cup nation.

Myanmar fishing slaves in Indonesia to go home, "tip of the iceberg"
Hundreds of economic refugees from Myanmar were enslaved aboard fishing boats in the Southeast Asian seas over the past decade. This week, more than a thousand of these former slaves will return home to Myanmar.

Why Cambodia's sex workers don't need to be saved
Global Post
Over the past decade, human rights groups have promulgated horrific tales of powerless Cambodian girls being forced into the prostitution industry. But most of these women aren’t so clueless and weak, argues anthropologist and Berkeley College professor Heidi Hoefinger.

Foreign Aid and Investment

Treasury-led aid policy risks sidelining poverty reduction, MPs warn
The Guardian
The development committee warns that the UK now places helping vulnerable people at the bottom of the list of aid priorities.

Slashing aid to emerging economies undercuts HIV fight, activists warn
The Guardian
Withdrawing support when countries graduate from low- to middle-income status could undermine sustainable development goals, say campaigners.

Financial Transparency

Brazen Heist of Millions Puts Focus on the Philippines
The New York Times
More than $80 million of Bangladesh’s money vanished last month after being transferred electronically to the Philippines, where it disappeared within the country’s murky banking system.

Global financial markets are getting used to terrorism
Global Post
Global financial markets reacted to the deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels on Tuesday with predictable swiftness. But it didn’t take long for calm to return.

Health, Nutrition, and Safety

Almost half the world cooking as if it were the stone age, WHO warns
The Guardian
Smoke from cookstoves range is one of the environmental factors driving the rise in costly non-communicable diseases in poor countries, says Dr Maria Neira.

Climate change is going to change the way India eats—and kill over 135,000 by 2050
The effects of climate change on food consumption could kill more than half a million people globally and more than 135,000 in India by 2050, according to a study by the British medical journal The Lancet.

Uganda attempts to treat the malignant disease of inequality
The Guardian
With almost a quarter of Ugandan households spending more than 10 percent of their income on medical treatment, the goal of universal healthcare seems far off.

Informal Economy

About one in three Latin Americans is enjoying pirated cable
Global Post
Recent studies of video piracy show that stealing online content and using illegal pay-TV connections is rampant across Latin America.

Economic Policy and Development

Slowly, Cuban entrepreneurs are seizing opportunities to work for themselves
As the United States eases financial, trade and travel restrictions with Cuba, newly legal co-operatives of accountants, financial planners and business consultants are helping Cuban businesses grow.

In Brazil, a youth movement wants the economy to open up
The Free Brazil Movement is a right-wing youth movement pushing for neo-liberal reforms to dismantle Brazil’s social welfare state.

Trade Agreements

EU told ExxonMobil that TTIP would aid global expansion, documents reveal
The Guardian
Trade chief told oil giant in secret talks that free trade deal could address its concerns over regulations restricting activities in developing countries.

Commodities and Exports

Why is the world’s largest seed company miffed at the Indian government?
Monsanto threatened to shut down its operations in India in response to the government’s decision to regulate the prices of genetically modified cotton crops.

Can coffee become the world’s first 100 percent sustainable agricultural product?
Growing coffee often leads to deforestation — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

United Nations

I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing
The New York Times
A former employee of the UN blames the organization’s failures on mismanagement.

Why The U.N. Is Being Sued Over Haiti's Cholera Epidemic
Survivors of Haiti’s cholera epidemic are making progress in their fight for compensation from the agency they blame for introducing the disease to the island nation: the United Nations.


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