Global Ideas News Brief: Including women in financial inclusion

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Global Ideas News Brief: Including women in financial inclusion

Sean Sheridan for Mercy Corps

Financial inclusion

Rwanda's gender gap: banks must stop failing female entrepreneurs
The Guardian
In Rwanda, only 35 percent of women have a bank account. This is holding some women back from developing their own businesses


The three wonders of the ancient world solving modern water problems
The Guardian
In Peru, Kenya and India, NGOs are helping communities overcome water scarcity using wisdom from the past

Human rights

Casting a Tight Net
Stanford Social Innovation Review
The exploitation of workers in the Thai seafood industry is one of the worst examples of human rights abuse in the world today. Humanity United is pursuing a strategy that combines carrots and sticks—collaboration and activism—to confront that problem.

Red Cross scandal

Red Cross CEO Tried to Kill Government Investigation
Despite public vows of transparency, CEO Gail McGovern lobbied a congressman to spike an inquiry by the Government Accountability Office.

Why [Buzzword] Won’t Save the World
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Remember when computer centers were going to save the world? The first project I ever worked on was going to be revolutionary: My team and I were going to transform the lives of poor students in the townships of South Africa, and we were going to do it with computers.

What if global development was funded by developing countries' money?
The Guardian
Increasing bank deposits and investing pension funds differently could reduce developing countries’ reliance on international donors


Before the Backlash, Let’s Redefine User-Centered Design
Stanford Social Innovation Review
We must better understand user-centered design’s limitations—not just its strengths—in the context of international development. And we must adapt it from its original uses designing commercial products to solving for social good.

Financial inclusion

Pacific Islands: a collective drive towards financial inclusion
The Pacific Islands – including Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, and others – have plenty or reason to work together.


If you really want to fight terrorism, start by fighting child poverty
The Guardian
Poor people have no stake in nations and economies that ignore them – governments must recognise residents of slums as full citizens, not squatters

Improving The Lives Of 15,000 Women In Rwanda
Cherie Blaire Foundation for Women blog
Numbers are great, but for me, the story is far more interesting. “We’re impacting 15,000 women in Rwanda with this financial inclusion programme”, I’ve almost casually informed people over the past 12 months. However, the actual impact of what we’re doing hit me far more clearly with one lady’s story.

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