Global Ideas News Brief: Global governance and expectations

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Global Ideas News Brief: Global governance and expectations

Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

Emerging markets

In Nigerian Elections, a Look at Reshaping a Patchwork Continent
When the results from Nigeria’s election this week signaled the nation’s first peaceful replacement of a governing party by its rival, there were many — not least the contenders — who argued that the country had finally completed its shift away from the dictatorial past.

Unsustainable goals
The Economist
2015 will be a big year for global governance. Perhaps too big.

Businesses seek out new African frontiers
Wall Street Journal
Uncertainties in South Africa, Nigeria prompt firms to explore growth elsewhere

Rising incomes and rising expectations: hearing from the newly empowered
Emerging markets have benefited in many ways from globalisation, but rising incomes have also led to rising expectations. Newly empowered citizens in the emerging world are demanding more accountability from their leaders, and as a result we are likely to see more protests and upheaval.

Political priority, economic gamble
The Economist (subscription required)
Free-trade zones are more popular than ever—with politicians, if not economists


Cellphones for Women in Developing Nations Aid Ascent From Poverty
In ways big and small, life without access to financial services is more difficult, expensive and dangerous.


Disruption for Good
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Rapid advances in technology are changing philanthropy in fundamental ways—making it potentially more rational, effective, collaborative, transparent, and democratic.


African farmers put hope in beer
Wall Street Journal
While some farms prosper, cultivating grains for big brewers doesn’t always yield a payday

Girls and women

Bursaries for Girls
Stanford Social Innovation Review (subscription required)
The relatively simple act of providing African girls with the money they need to stay in school has achieved significant results.

Girls' education: 'Policymakers are hardwired to look for low-hanging fruit'
The Guardian
After achievements in girls’ primary school access, NGOs need to addresses the trickier challenge of secondary school

'Visibly Pregnant' Girls Are Banned From School In Sierra Leone
There is a way to lower unwanted pregnancy rates among adolescent girls and women ... but not by barring pregnant girls from school.
In a nutshell: If it's cheaper to go to school, fewer girls get pregnant.

In Bangladesh, an app that lets women speak without fear
Through this app any woman can ask any question without revealing her name — an all-important characteristic in a society where free speech often isn't free.

Social enterprise

Entrepreneurship and Ebola
Stanford Social Innovation Review (subscription required)
Creating an ethically sourced apparel company in West Africa is hard enough, but when Ebola strikes, the challenges become almost insurmountable.

Data Game
Stanford Social Innovation Review
To leverage data science for social good, one company is working to foster a bit of healthy competition.


The Barber Will See You Now
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Researchers are exploring an unlikely venue for serving the critical health needs of African-American men.

Could a test for malaria be as easy as a breathalyzer?
More than half a million people die of malaria every year, most of them children under the age of five in Africa. And in the areas where it is most endemic, it remains relatively expensive to diagnose.

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