Global Ideas News Brief: Where are the innovations?

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Global Ideas News Brief: Where are the innovations?

Miguel Samper for Mercy Corps

Development and innovation

Improving Innovation in Africa
Harvard Business Review
Africa is still deeply underperforming in core areas that will redesign its economy and make it more sustainable.

51 Breakthrough Technologies To Defeat Poverty
An inspiring wish list for advances that could change the world—but that we don't have yet.


Empowering Women at the Grassroots
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Initiatives to develop the economic potential of women are becoming a staple of corporate activity in many parts of the world.

Gender Equality And Financial Inclusion Key To Ending Poverty
Huffington Post
Gender equality and education should be the first steps to tackle India’s poverty, harnessing women's potential and empowerment in the socio-economic fabric of the country.


Boatfuls of cash: how do you get money into fragile states?
The Guardian
As Mali recovered from civil war, Solidarit├ęs International was the first NGO to set up a cash transfer programme there – but had they thought through the risks?

Youth unemployment

'Because I was angry': Myths around youth unemployment and stability, debunked
In 2012, U.S. Agency for International Development estimated it spent at least $300 million on youth programs every year, but admitted “data has rarely been collected that allowed an evaluation of impact.”

Assessing the State of Global Youth
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Highlights from an inaugural study on the largest generation in human history.

Financial inclusion

Terrorism, fines and money laundering: why banks say no to poor customers
The Guardian
The tightening of international banking standards is making it difficult for low-income people in the global south to get access to banking services

New Financial Inclusion Innovation in Colombia: Electronic Deposits
Alliance for Financial Inclusion
The law envisions that electronic deposit services will primarily be provided via correspondent agents and also provides an incentive for clients using the service by exempting electronic deposits (within limits) from banking transaction taxes.

The Sharing Economy, Through a Broader Lens
Stanford Social Innovation Review
The sharing economy offers opportunities for emerging markets, megacities, and the rising middle class, but we need more collaboration across sectors—and the impact investment community.


Magic mash: reducing child malnutrition with sweet potatoes

The Guardian
A project to introduce orange-fleshed Vitamin-A-rich sweet potatoes to sub-Saharan Africa can improve child health. But can local eating habits be changed?


Oceans of waste
The Economist
Until now, we didn’t know where tons of garbage that swirl in the world’s oceans were  coming from.

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