Quotable: Africa--Seeing past the headlines

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Quotable: Africa--Seeing past the headlines

Elizabeth Littlefield argues that we are overlooking the diversity of Africa's opportunities and challenges. Photo: Mercy Corps.

At a glance, one could find a tale of two cities in sub-Saharan Africa. There is the land of Ebola, Boko Haram and hunger in the Horn of Africa…

Then there is the New Africa — the booming ‘African Lion’ economy that is a new center of growth in global commerce, creating more opportunities for its people than ever before.

The truth is that both these portrayals are only stick drawings compared with the complex, evolving portrait of Africa’s future.

- Elizabeth Littlefield on the future of development in Africa

Read the rest of her Devex article, and take a look at a Global Envision post about Elizabeth Littlefield’s then-looking-forward ideas about microfinance.

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