Global Ideas News Brief: International development conundrum

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Global Ideas News Brief: International development conundrum

Photo: Suraj Shakya for Mercy Corps.


Stop trying to save the world
The New Republic
Big ideas are destroying international development.

Second curve philanthropy
Stanford Social Innovation Review
New research reveals a large gap between the world of organized philanthropy and today’s world of social action.

Economic development and effectiveness of foreign aid: An historical perspective
Eurasia Review
The effectiveness of official development aid is the subject of heated debate. This column argues that aid affects recipient economies in extremely complex ways and through multiple and changing channels.


An inclusive emerging economy, with Africa in the lead
At a time when news about Africa has been dominated by Ebola, it’s worth observing that a highly encouraging change has been quietly spreading across the continent.

Uganda joins African wave of GDP rebasing and gets 13 per cent boost
Uganda has become the latest African nation this year to re-calculate the size of its economy and reveal a much greater gross domestic product, following Nigeria and Kenya.


Early marriage figures underline global bias against women, claims study
The Guardian
Study highlights enduring discrimination in areas ranging from land and inheritance rights to politics and social justice.


What it's like to live with HIV in Brazil, the world's greatest HIV/AIDS success story
Brazil is a case study in how a nation successfully deals with an epidemic. But vigilance is slipping as a new generation grows up that isn't familiar with the realities of the disease.

The real cost of Ebola: Letter from Monrovia
Foreign Affairs
Just prior to the outbreak of the Ebola crisis, Liberia’s economy was growing at a rate of 5.9 percent. A World Bank report shows GDP growth has dropped to 2.5 percent since the outbreak.

Every dollar spent on childhood nutrition can save up to $166
The Guardian
Childhood nutrition is the most critical and economically sound intervention, finds a new study

Environmental policies

COP20 is a forum for regional green policies not just global climate targets
The Guardian
With Latin America already hit by climate change, talks in Lima are the perfect chance to discuss local green programmes

Financial inclusion

Bank on poor women and phones to drive growth in Africa, experts say
Mobile phone technology can help to bring financial services to the 80 percent of African women who do not have a bank account and bolster the growth of the world's poorest continent, Nigeria's finance minister said recently.


Nigeria: Huge numbers of displaced creates crisis
Associated Press
After the Nigerian government soldiers fled and the Islamic insurgents arrived in his village with guns blazing, Peter Fabian ran away along with dozens of other villagers.

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