Globalization Lesson Plan Resources

Globalization Lesson Plan Resources

Find lesson plans, syllabi and links to useful information.
Teaching Globalization

The Global Envision Website offers many Globalization Lesson Plan Resources. In addition to the grade specific resources listed in this section, we recommend the following websites.

High School and College Level Resources

Global Envision has created a list of places on the Internet to find curriculum resources to help you formulate lesson plans on the topic of globalization. Please send us your ideas for useful resources we can share with educators here.


PBS provides a number of educational resources for students of all ages. Lesson plans associated with this site are detailed and encourage multimedia learning. PBS learning materials can be used on the internet or purchased through PBS.


Frontline/World focuses on building international knowledge and critical thinking abilities in grades 7-12. Lesson plans are divided into the topics Culture, Geography, Economics, History, Politics, and Cross-Curricular Learning.

Along with lesson plans, Frontline/World provides ideas for classroom activities, as well as teaching materials such as documentary film, interviews, slideshows, and music from all over the world.

Wide Angle

This site provides lesson plans for grades 6-12. Wide Angle is a weekly series of hour-long documentaries aired on PBS. The international topics addressed by Wide Angle episodes are diverse, and lesson plans have been designed for each individual documentary.

Commanding Heights

This lesson plan and set of resources are designed for high school students. Commanding Heights is a six-hour television program about the global economy, created to promote better understanding of globalization. This film and lesson plan focuses on teaching students about the forces, values, events, and ideas that have shaped the present global economic system.

Be sure to check out these PBS lesson plans:

Frontline/World-- Track the Path of Coffee from Farm to Store Shelf

Wide Angle-- Economics: the Effects of Globalization

Teaching with Commanding Heights Online

National Geographic Xpeditions

Lesson plans are structured around specific grade levels: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. The lessons range from 1-6 hours. The lessons encourage students to think about global diversity and interconnection, and encourage critical thinking. National Geographic provides the related reading assignments, useful outside links, and suggests good books or films as starting points for lessons. This website is easy to use, and has many helpful features for teachers.

Take a look at the lesson on globalization.

Creative Change Educational Solutions

Creative Change is a resource for teachers of grades K-12 as well as institutions of higher education. It provides resources for sustainable education in economics, environmental issues, and community wellbeing. Local/global perspectives, civic involvement, and issues of social justice are emphasized in hundreds of lessons and resources for teachers and students. Some materials are available on-line, while others need to be ordered in what they call a "copyright-cleared resource packet" that they will design around your specific needs as a teacher.

Take a look at their lessons on these topics:



Land Use

Food Systems


Or look for more curricula resources from Creative Change.

The Cloud Institute

The Cloud Institute creates courses and materials for grades K-12. Formerly The Sustainability Education Center, the Cloud Institute was created in response to the growing need for educational materials and professional development focused on sustainability and empowering young people. Materials on this site meet national and state standards for public schools, as well as the corresponding standards for independent schools. The Cloud Institute has a variety of courses
and units available for individual purchase.

Read about the Cloud Institute's Education for Sustainability Overview and their Services for Educators

The Developed Countries and the Promise of Globalization

This website, created by The University of Connecticut, is a resource for high school teachers and students alike. The program is about development and globalization, and teachers are encouraged to duplicate and use any of the resources listed.

This in-depth curriculum resource includes three main sections: Developed Countries, Connectivity and Globalization, and Global Challenges.

For each topic, there are materials available for classroom presentation, for student reading, and for quizzes and tests.

Facing the Future

Facing the Future: People and the Planet is a non-profit global issues curriculum and professional development organization that has developed a framework for teaching grades 5-12 about global issues and solutions. The framework is grounded in four components:
  • Building critical thinking skills
  • Using one issue as a lens to address complex and interconnected systems
  • Providing interactive classroom activities
  • Empowering students through service learning and personal action

There are some resources available as free downloads, and others require purchase.

Facing the Future provides a Resource Guide to their teaching framework. You can also download their curriculum free of charge when you register with them.

Teacher's Corner has lessons and activities for teaching about global issues and solutions. Facing the Future has compiled lists of activities and lesson plans and of materials.

Global Education

This website is resource for teachers of middle and high school. It is funded by AusAid to support the global education of Australian youth. The Global Education site makes it easy for teachers to access lessons about a wide variety of global issues.

Take a look at the globalization teaching activities that they have created.

Globalization and Education

Globalization and Education is a good place to go to find resources for teaching all levels of students. This site also publicizes events and conferences for educators, and promotes communication between classrooms across the world.

Please let us know of other resources you find, or submit your own lesson plans here.

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