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Farm growth fights poverty twice as fast as other growth

A Malawian farmer in her groundnut plot. Photo: <ahref:">CIMMYT (Flickr)</a>.
A Malawian farmer in her groundnut plot. Photo: CIMMYT (Flickr).

The most equitable way a country can stimulate a post-conflict economy is to invest in agriculture, an African nonprofit says.

The Forum for Agriculture Research in Africa (FARA) is urging African governments to increase funding in the agricultural sector.

They insist that for these struggling countries, agricultural development is particularly vital for putting GDP growth in the hands of the poor.

FARA's Executive Director Monty Jones notes that "GDP growth originating in the agricultural sector is considered at least twice [as] effective in reducing poverty as GDP derived from other sectors," AllAfrica wrote this month.

According to Rwanda Agriculture Minister Agnes Kalibata, "The surest way to sustainable socio-economic rehabilitation is investing more in agriculture. The rural poor in post-conflict situations depend largely on agriculture for livelihood nutrition and food security."

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