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The sOccket kicks it up a notch

Last December, we wrote about a soccer ball developed by two Harvard students that generates and stores electricity while kids play with it, called the sOccket. Kicking the ball around for 30 minutes of play creates three hours of electricity, which can be used just like an electrical outlet. Shining a light on homework was never so much fun.

The group, Uncharted Play, just got a nice assist from Best Buy, which asked them to be part of their latest buy-a-laptop commercial (see the sOccket's special extended-length version above). With an endorsement from President Clinton and a plan to open an online retail store this fall, the sOccket is joining a premier league of niche social enterprises. Which MLS team will be the first to slap its logo on the ball?

$60 donates a ball to kids in impoverished villages. Find out more from Uncharted Play.

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