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What Arab youth still want: jobs

By Anonymous (not verified), May 24, 2012
See the full infographic on <a href="">GOOD.IS</a>.
See the full infographic on GOOD.IS.

Arab youth know what caused the uprisings a year ago. What they want to know is how their day-to-day lives will improve once the fanfare of elections subsides. This infographic, created by GOOD and Column Five, gives a snapshot of what's important to Arab youth 15 months since the uprisings:

A year and a half after the Arab Spring uprisings began in Tunisia and spread through neighboring countries, a new survey finds that young people's major concerns have shifted. The "Arab Youth Survey 2012" shows people between 18 and 24 in the Arab regions are generally more worried about earning a living wage and owning homes than about living in a democratic country.

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