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Mobile technologies improving lives around the world

By Anonymous (not verified), March 27, 2012

Many places are jumping straight from paper records to mobile information because they are getting cellphone towers before Internet connections or even traditional phone lines.

In 2001, just eight out of 100 people in the developing world had a mobile phone subscription. Now, nearly 80 out of 100 do.

The Toronto Star shared a quick and dirty list of some of the hottest organizations using mobile technology to improve lives in some of the world's toughest places. What great company! Check out the list and visit the groups' websites:

Frontline SMS, Ushahidi, Refugees United, NextDrop, Mercy Corps, M-Pesa, Boom, iCow, CocoaLink, mFarm, NAFIS, Senevote2012, Samadhan, uReport, Learning about Living, TulaSalud, Childcount+, and Txtalert.

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