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INTRO: Lighting a pathway for solar in rural Uganda

Solar panels in Uganda. Photo: Jenny Vaughn/Mercy Corps.
Solar panels in Uganda. Photo: Jenny Vaughn/Mercy Corps.
In this three-part series, we explore the role an international aid nonprofit played in convincing urban solar companies to sell their products to poor, rural farmers, and convincing poor, rural farmers to reallocate their kerosene budget to solar.

First, we look at what’s involved in a comprehensive market analysis and why it’s a critical first step. Read it here.

Second, we figure out how linkages were promoted between the private solar energy industry, local entrepreneurs and local financial institutions, as well as the role of good, old-fashioned public relations. Read it here.

Finally, we learn what worked well and what can be improved upon to make solar available to even more families. New! Read it here

Editor’s note: Read the PDF of the full market assessment report by Mercy Corps here.

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