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This article made some very valid points, but Monica is living in a glass half-full world. Although she seems to try to see and validate the good that Tom's shoes is doing her vision is clouded. It is my understanding that Tom's is providing shoes to those that do not and can not afford to purchase them. So you can not put the local cobbler out of business because these particular locals could not afford them in the first place, hence the bare feet.

Her comments fall in line with the, 'you can't please everybody' thought pattern. No matter how much good a company does or attempts to do, someone always thinks it's not good enough or enough or it should be done another way.

Yes, we all know that 'teach a man to fish...', but hell feed a man for a day and he lives another day. As most of our parents have taught us when we set out to do something, you can ask yourself...'Have you done the best that you can?'

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