Global Ideas News Brief: Girls' education

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Global Ideas News Brief: Girls' education

Joni Kabana for Mercy Corps

Girls’ education

The Missing Link in Girls’ Education
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Building resilience can improve girls’ health and education faster and more effectively, but it’s a missing component of nearly all global development efforts to improve girls’ outcomes.

Financial aid

The cash after the storm: building resilience to future disasters
The Guardian
After Typhoon Haiyan, Mercy Corps used e-transfers in the Philippines to provide emergency assistance and develop resilience in affected communities

Xi Hosts 56 Nations at Founding of Asian Infrastructure Bank
New York Times
At a ceremony imbued with quiet triumph at the Great Hall of the People, China’s president, Xi Jinping, hosted 56 member countries for the founding of a China-led infrastructure bank for Asia, including major American allies from Asia and Europe that Washington had counseled not to join the bank.


You’re Better Than This, Europe
New York Times
Immigration has become such a contentious issue that it is tearing apart what remains of the European project and its facade of solidarity.

Youth employment

Africa's demographics not time bomb
The Independent
While advanced economies are facing the problem of an aging population, one of Africa’s most attractive assets both domestically and internationally is that it holds the world’s largest youth demographic.


These Photos Show How Hard It Is To Live On Less Than $1 A Day
See the people and hear the stories behind the statistics of global poverty—and then do something about it.

Social enterprise

Thriving on Failure
Stanford Social Innovation Review
In cities all around the world, entrepreneurs are gathering to discuss the flubs, flops, and fiascos that punctuate their careers.

The Promise of Lean Experimentation
Stanford Social Innovation Review
The work of innovation can be slow and cumbersome—particularly in the social sector. But by adopting a model that is increasingly common in the business world, nonprofit organizations can launch, test, and implement new programs and services more efficiently and more effectively.

Emerging markets

Microsoft’s focus on dumb phones is a smart move
Two important developments this month could result in Windows being the dominant technology ecosystem in the developing and emerging markets.

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