Global Ideas News Brief: Avoiding pitfalls to social change

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Global Ideas News Brief: Avoiding pitfalls to social change

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8 Common Innovation Traps
Stanford Social Innovation Review
The path to innovation can be tricky, but being aware of the common pitfalls can help funders along the road to breakthrough social change.


Here’s what an economy would look like if it actually worked for women
The Guardian
Economic policies are failing women in both rich and poor countries. A new UN Women report sets out a vision and a plan for change

She's shaking up the video game industry. From Pakistan
Mariam Adil is making waves in the Pakistani gaming industry — and she's trying to save it from its male-dominated self.

Mobile banking

12 ways mobile money can go further
The Guardian
How can mobile money services reach more people? Our expert panel had these ideas for how other countries can replicate M-Pesa’s success in Kenya

Business education

A Broader Definition of Business
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Business education should include lessons from market-based approaches to international development goals in developing countries.


Myanmar’s opium fields grow even as its government calls for complete eradication
Myanmar is the world’s second largest producer of opium, next to Afghanistan, producing about a quarter of the total global production of this drug. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates about $340 million in sales last year.

Coffee catastrophe beckons as climate change threatens arabica plant
The Guardian
Study warns that rising temperatures pose serious threat to global coffee market, potentially affecting livelihoods of small farmers and pushing up prices


Fortress Europe: Behind the Continent's Migrant Crisis
Foreign Affairs
Will the continent work to ensure the safe arrival of refugees from Syria, Eritrea, and other conflict-stricken countries? Or will it continue to look the other way as the body count builds in the Mediterranean?

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