Global Ideas News Brief: Energy + Innovation

Global Ideas News Brief: Energy + Innovation

Photo: Benny Manser for Mercy Corps.

Economic opportunity

Fleeing War And Finding Work
In most parts of the world, refugees are not allowed to work. But in Uganda, refugee life is different.

Banks Vie for a Piece of Africa's Mobile Banking Market
In Kenya, where telecom companies dominate the mobile-payments market, one of the country's largest banks is fighting to retake some of its traditional turf.

Food security

Fed on food aid: does emergency nutrition cripple local economies?
After recent controversies in Haiti, do humanitarian organisations have a duty to address food security and livelihoods?


How to Make Fuel Subsidy Reform Succeed
CFR (Blog)
A few weeks ago, Yemen’s government took the bold – some might say foolhardy – step of winding down a fuel subsidy program that was costing it billions of dollars. Overnight, fuel prices in the country nearly doubled, sparking violent riots.


In Developing World, Most Dangerous Day of Life Is Birth
Last year, 289,000 women worldwide died giving life and about 1 million newborns didn't survive their first day amid a dearth of high-quality, skilled maternity care.

New Yorker
The lack of an Ebola treatment is disturbing. But, given the way drug development is funded, it's also predictable.

Emerging markets

Myanmar in Talks to Get First Credit Rating
Myanmar is in early-stage talks to get its first credit rating, people familiar with the matter said, paving the way for an eventual debut global-bond sale by a nation still recovering from decades of crippling military rule.

Telling the story of development

Engaging in Global Issues in the Classroom and Beyond
Of the more than 8,000 class periods that I have taught, one stands out as my favorite — not only for what happened in the class but also for how it transformed my teaching.

Funding development

Foundation-Owned Social Enterprises: A New Way Forward?
A novel impact investment model can help social enterprises and foundations generate a high social return on investment.

How Many Tons of Cement Will It Take to Rebuild Gaza?
The reconstruction effort will begin with a donor conference, which will likely be held in the Egyptian resort town of Sharem el-Sheikh in September, Frode Mauring, the U.N. Development Program (UNDP) special representative for Gaza and the West Bank.


The New Prize: Long-Term Training and Engagement
Prize and challenge designers are focusing on training future social innovators and creating communities of engaged problem solvers.


Would You Rather Be Rich In A Poor Country, Or Poor In A Rich Country?
Which is the better lot in life: To be poor in a rich country, or rich in a poor country? Take a guess now, before you read further. You may find the answer surprising.

A Start-Up Provides a Picture of our Shape-Shifting Planet
“Humans are having such an impact now,” Mr. Marshall said, “one in four of our Earth images shows agriculture. You see evidence of some human activity in almost all of them.” Even in a desert image, it’s hard to find something that isn’t human.

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