Global Ideas News Brief: NGOs vs. big business

Global Ideas News Brief: NGOs vs. big business

Coca-Cola ad in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. Photo: Travlr

The business of development

African Leaders Sit Down With American Investors
President Obama convened a giant game of “Let’s Make a Deal” between the United States and Africa on Tuesday, bringing together nearly 50 African leaders with American investors for what he promised would be a long-term partnership that went beyond extracting “minerals from the ground for our growth.”

NGOs losing the war against poverty and climate change, says Civicus head
Charities are no longer drivers of social change; for many saving the world has become big business. How did we lose our way?

As foreign aid dries up, companies take the lead in global development
Coca-Cola, operating mostly under the media radar over the past three years, has trained half-a-million poor women in 44 countries to become small-scale capitalists. Can the Fortune 500 produce a more lasting force against global poverty than traditional foreign aid?

Globalization and politics

Inequality Is Falling On Planet Earth
Planet Money
In the past few decades, globalization has led to rising incomes for billions of very poor people, mostly in Asia. What does global inequality look like in a world without borders?

Global success stories
Washington Post, Fareed Zakaria
Wherever you look these days, the world seems on fire. But some of the most important countries in the world are making remarkable progress, affecting at least 1.5 billion people. Let me give you the good news.

Latest via Stanford Social Innovation Review

Development Controversy a Sign of Sophistication
Public debate about two prominent poverty-alleviation programs shows that over the past 15 years international development has become much more scientific.       

The Ethics of Innovation
An ethical framework can bridge the worlds of startup technology and international development to strengthen cross-sector innovation in the social sector.

Replicating Parts, not the Whole, to Scale
Rather than replicating “one-size-fits-all” solutions across different settings, international development innovators need to identify the core aspects they can effectively and efficiently scale up.

Food security

Translating Climate Science to Build a Resilient Agricultural Sector
BSR Blog
Of the many risks we are exposed to from a changing climate, perhaps one of the most important relates to agriculture and food security.

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