Get Your Great “Green” Idea to the Masses

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Get Your Great “Green” Idea to the Masses

Photo: LAUNCH campaign

When Nike and NASA join forces with the U.S. government, “collective genius for a better world” ensues. Imagine if Kickstarter had a campaign for The Story of Stuff video that made a call to action for groundbreaking ideas. LAUNCH is that cross-section: Calling upon innovators to tackle complex issues with disruptive, pragmatic solutions.

LAUNCH wants to help people put their ideas into action—especially ideas that make you scratch your head. (Think: this lamp grown from mushrooms). They achieve this by focusing on key sectors of industry. Up next? A positive transformation of the materials and manufacturing system which can have dramatic social, environmental, and economic impacts on the world.

"At LAUNCH, we see a future where the making of things has a positive impact on human prosperity and planetary sustainability."

To find innovators, LAUNCH has issued a series of global challenges to address key barriers. Some of the past challenges have asked innovators to submit ideas around water, health, and waste resulting in a carbon credit financed water purification system, implantable vaccine needles, and an online recycling marketplace. Check out their latest challenge if you think you have what it takes:

"Our current challenge focuses on green chemistry, a crucial component in a sustainable materials and manufacturing system. A portfolio of approximately 10 innovators will be selected for support, networking, and mentoring from influential business and government leaders."

This call for ideas presents an opportunity to elevate and support innovators working on a crucial component of the sustainable materials and manufacturing system.

For a list of benefits for winners and to find out if you’re eligible, visit LAUNCH.

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