Global Ideas News Brief: Women + Unemployment in Africa

Global Ideas News Brief: Women + Unemployment in Africa

Photo: Jenny Vaughan/Mercy Corps.

Global Ideas News Brief
July 8, 2014

A weekly roundup of mainstream news about the context in which Mercy Corps works, focused on economic development and innovations.

The Surprising Truth Behind Beneficiary Feedback
Stanford Social Innovation Review
New research suggests that the feedback of nonprofit clients is less biased than many think.


Kenyan communities succeed in managing scarce water, where aid projects once foundered
This Kenyan village works together to manage 18 boreholes and 9 wells that serve more than 70,000 people. The project challenges conventional wisdom about aid and water access.


New private equity fund targets microfinance institutions for women
It’s been a while in the making, but this week Women’s World Banking finally closed its first private equity fund to invest in microfinance enterprises that support women.

Women want to be decision-makers about peace, not passive victims of war
The Guardian
Rwanda has gone from a disaster zone to a country determined to move on – and it's women driving forward the peace process.

Unemployment in Africa

Booming economies are not boosting employment in Africa, why?
The Guardian
Africa lacks growth that creates jobs, builds infrastructure and lowers poverty. Addressing this issue is not just about increasing the volume of investment but rethinking the quality of investment and where it is directed.

Dell e-waste director: Don't ban secondhand computers
The Guardian
To bridge the digital divide, Africa needs to see waste as a resource then build an infrastructure to reap the benefits.


New farming frontiers in Latin America
Beyond Brics
Commodity prices may be weaker but South American food producers still enjoy formidable comparative advantages.

Financial inclusion

Adarsh Credit Co-op Reaches India's Rural Poor With Mobile Tech
Mobile phones are a key way to expand financial inclusion to rural areas across emerging markets. In India, Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society reaches one million members through 800 branches and more than 100,000 financial advisors who travel through villages taking deposits or disbursing money by linking to the bank through their mobile phones.


Floating Ocean Greenhouses Bring Fresh Food Closer To Megacities
A hydroponics farm that uses salty water from the ocean could help growing coastal cities feed themselves.

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