Global Ideas News Brief: Scalability + Iraq

Global Ideas News Brief: Scalability + Iraq

By Anonymous (not verified), June 17, 2014
Photo: David Evans/Mercy Corps.

Global Ideas News Brief
June 17, 2014

A weekly roundup of mainstream news about the context in which Mercy Corps works, focused on economic development and innovations.


How to Stabilize Iraq and Stop the March of ISIS
NYT Room for Debate
What can be done to stabilize Iraq and stop the march of extremist groups? Read the discussion.

World Cup

Will Brazil's World Cup Pay Off For Investors?
What will the tournament’s impact be on Brazil’s economy and stock market?

Which will it be: Football, or the economy?
For Ghana, which is battling a massive fiscal crisis, the answer is football.


The Power of Profit in Advancing Systemic Change
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Commercial platforms offer powerful avenues for solving social problems on a large scale.


Burkina Faso Uses Technology to Promote Open Government
One of the world’s poorest countries is nevertheless making big strides in using technology to make government more transparent.

Climate change

These Are The Countries Most Vulnerable To Climate Change
Which countries will be the most affected? The ones that have contributed the least to altering the planet.

An Interactive Air-Pollution Map
The Atlantic
One quarter of the global population is breathing unsafe air. Where is it worst?


Aids, pregnancy and the church: Young Hondurans take a stand
The Guardian
Religion in Honduras has contributed to high teen pregnancy and HIV rates, now youth demand better sex education.


Applied Product Innovation for Smallholder Finance
Technological applications seem endless, but the potential roles that technology can play in the lives of smallholder farmers remain unclear.

Unlocking the power of women farmers
The Guardian
Focusing on women farmers will increase food production and gender equality, says a World Food Programme coordinator.

Sexual violence

Sexual violence in conflict: Drawing a line
The Economist
Growing efforts to protect civilians from rape and sexual assault by combatants.

Enough is enough!
It is mind-blowing that in the 21st century, sexual violence is still used as a tactic of war.


A Second Life for Wasted Soda Bottles: High-Tech Roofing
The Atlantic
Engineers have figured out how to turn plastic trash into a material that keeps rain and heat out while letting sunlight in.

Globalised slavery: How big supermarkets are selling prawns in supply chain fed by slave labour – video
The Guardian
A six-month investigation has, for the first time, tracked how some of the world's big-supermarkets, Tesco, Aldi, Walmart and Morrisons, are using suppliers relying on slave labour to put cheap prawns on their shelves.

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