Global Ideas News Brief: Partnerships + Sexual violence

Global Ideas News Brief: Partnerships + Sexual violence

Photo: Jarrett Basedow/Mercy Corps

Global Ideas News Brief
June 10, 2014

A weekly roundup of mainstream news about the context in which Mercy Corps works, focused on economic development and innovations.

This man's job is to account for the billions of US aid spent in Afghanistan
The US has spent billions of dollars on Afghan reconstruction, but much of it not very smartly. A special inspector general has been appointed to try and find the misspent funds and discern who's responsible.


Make Monday, End Poverty
Foreign Policy
The United Nations is designing the next blueprint for global development, the successor to the Millennium Development Goals. One notable aspect is that governments are asking corporations to show how they can help make poverty history, while also making money.


From agribusiness to subsistence: High-tech tools now available to all
The Guardian
Devised for industrialized farms, precision agriculture now has the potential to increase the yields of smallholder farmers.

Food shock recovery suggests price spikes went against the grain
The Guardian
When grain prices soared, many feared the system was broken. It wasn't, and nor should we expect a repeat in the near future.

Economic opportunity

Haiti could solve its drastic plastic problem and help its most vulnerable
The Guardian
With waste from discarded plastic products a growing problem in Haiti, it is time informal waste-pickers were properly incentivized.

Sexual violence summit

Can governments end sexual violence in war?
Thomson Reuters Foundation
Rape is one of the most horrifying and least understood aspects of modern warfare, affecting hundreds of thousands of civilians worldwide – but it’s not inevitable and should be stopped, experts say.

Addressing sexual violence in conflict
For thousands of years, women have been victims of sexual violence – both in times of peace and during times of war and other conflict. As a global community, we’ve come a long way in punishing and criminalizing sexual violence.


The Male Disappearing Act
NYT op-ed
“My husband disappeared 18 days ago,” said Asha, a 20-year-old Muslim woman living in Western Myanmar. She speaks indifferently, as though she is predicting that it will rain later today.

Terror in Jos: Could Nigeria's youth be key to ending the violence?
The Guardian
If Nigeria doesn't involve young men in the peacemaking process, Boko Haram will involve them in its unrest.


What Happens When World Cup Tourists Flood Rio's Favelas Looking For Cheap Rooms?
Is an influx of tourists sleeping in the neighborhood ultimately a boon to Rio's favelas, or a step on the way to gentrifying so that the locals are forced to leave?

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