Global Ideas News Brief: Syrian Refugees + Agricultural Labs

Global Ideas News Brief: Syrian Refugees + Agricultural Labs

Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

Global Ideas News Brief
June 3, 2014

A weekly roundup of mainstream news about the context in which Mercy Corps works.

New refugee camp in Jordan tries to create a community for Syrians
The Sheikhs, staring up at their gleaming new white roof as if in disbelief, were one of the first families to arrive at the United Nations’ newest Syrian refugee camp, Al Azraq. Since they settled in early this month, more than 6,500 Syrians have arrived.


Six things they don't tell you about creating jobs for young people
The Guardian
From the inevitability of unemployment to the inadequacy of modern education, Ha-Joon Chang busts the economic myths.

With opportunity scarce, Brazil's youth are demanding more than the World Cup
While Brazilian leaders hope the coming mega events will set the stage for the country’s coming-out party as an economic force to be reckoned with, young Brazilians like Oliveira tell a less promising tale.


Why your non-profit CEO needs to be the M&E officer
Monitoring and evaluation is not boring at all. In fact it’s the most important thing your organization should be doing, and it’s something that needs to come from right at the top.

Social enterprise

Low-Cost water Is hard sell in Delhi Colony
“People’s ability to realize buying water is not always a rational or practical decision,” Anuj Sharma said. “It is often an emotional decision.”


Feeding Africa: Why biotechnology skeptics are wrong to dismiss GM
The Guardian
Advocacy groups are clinging to ideology and ignoring the potential of genetically modified crops.

Super foods: From the lab to the table
The Guardian
Increasing nutrient levels in staple crops will improve health, but they need to be promoted by politicians and business.


Two-thirds of obese people now live in developing countries
The Atlantic
"No national success stories have been reported in the past 33 years," a new study finds.

Malnutrition in conflict: The psychological cause
The Guardian
In conflict zones like the Central African Republic, it's not just lack of food that's affecting child nutrition.


12 data visualizations that illustrate poverty’s biggest challenges
Here’s a collection of the best data visualizations on global literacy, mortality, birth rates and more that will help put some of the biggest issues surrounding poverty today into perspective. The good news: Extreme poverty is declining, and life expectancy and incomes on the whole are on the up and up. The bad news: We still have a lot of work to do.

Activist resigns amid charges of fabrication
Somaly Mam, a well-known Cambodian crusader against sex trafficking, has resigned from the foundation she started after being confronted with allegations that she and others connected to her group fabricated stories about their experiences as young victims of the sex trade.


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