Global Ideas News Brief: Twisting aid in Somalia + NextGen investors

Global Ideas News Brief: Twisting aid in Somalia + NextGen investors

By Anonymous (not verified), May 6, 2014
In Somalia, hosting refugees has became a profit opportunity for locals, reports Planet Money. Photo: Abdikadir Mohamed/Mercy Corps.

A weekly roundup of mainstream news about the context in which Mercy Corps works, focused on economic development and innovations.

Humanitarians, for a price
Planet Money, audio
On today's show, we visit a country with almost no government, but a lot of entrepreneurs who have become humanitarians for profit.


Strengthening Global Collaboration to Support Urban Resilience
World Bank
Nine institutions announced a new global collaboration for helping cities improve resilience to disaster and climate risk, as well as to economic and other systemic shocks.


A Green Revolution, This Time for Africa
The high-yield wheat and rice of the Green Revolution produced dramatic gains in harvests in Asia and Latin America. But not in Africa--but that may change.


Uganda's Ticking Bomb
NYT op-ed
After the “Kony 2012” video calling for the fugitive leader’s arrest went viral in the United States, many Americans were convinced that Mr. Kony was the greatest problem facing Ugandans. But the country’s real time bomb is a lack of educational opportunities that have over decades facilitated corruption and the recruitment of young people into terrorism and rebel movements.

Economic growth

In Jordan, Educated Women Face Shortage of Jobs
The inability to integrate educated women into the workforce is not only a failure at the individual level. It may be a major factor holding back growth.

African Tech Hubs and Funds Hope to Bridge the Digital Divide
In its recent report on global trends in Internet connectivity, the World Economic Forum found countries in Africa are still lagging many of their peers in other areas of the developing world.

Africa’s Path to Prosperity
NYT op-ed
More trade among African nations is the most promising route to transforming the continent’s fortunes.

Where the World's Refugees Go (and Where They Shouldn't)
The Atlantic
As rich countries erect immigration barriers, asylum-seekers are fleeing to poorer countries where they're less likely to build a better life.

Partnering with the private sector

How silver-tongued multinationals can win trust in development circles
The Guardian
The increasing emphasis placed by some on the role of "the private sector" is a growing source of tension in global development debates.


1,000 Days: The Period That Decides the Health and Wealth of the World
The Atlantic
A globetrotting investigation into the biggest new idea in international development.

Financial inclusion

Financial Inclusion and Development: Recent Impact Evidence
Accumulated research confirms that access to and use of formal financial services benefit poor people.


Ethnic Cleansing in Africa
NYT editorial
The sectarian violence between Christian and Muslim militias and civilian mobs that has plagued Central African Republic for the past several months has tipped into a full-fledged campaign of ethnic cleansing of Muslims from the capital Bangui and the southern part of the country.

Funding development

Survey: Most Americans say fighting global poverty is futile
Washington Post
Despite progress in defeating extreme global poverty, most Americans see no end in sight, according to a survey sponsored by Compassion International.

Millennials Will Bring Impact Investing Mainstream
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Next Gen values, experiences, and preferences are poised to accelerate impact investing, directing billions of dollars toward social benefit.


Using Citizens As Human Sensors To Improve Public Services
An innovative SMS service allows citizens to report on whether city workers are actually doing their jobs.

Bubblegum That Cleans Your Teeth--For Kids Where There Are No Dentists
For kids in developing world slums, dental hygiene is a real problem. With this cheap gum developed by a team of college students, they might be able to have their candy and clean teeth.

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