Global Ideas News Brief: Tea in Assam + The perfect refugee camp

Global Ideas News Brief: Tea in Assam + The perfect refugee camp

Tea pickers work in Assam. A Colombia Law School report describes difficult living and working conditions on some tea plantations in Assam, India. Photo: Thatcher Cook for Mercy Corps

Partnership and the private sector

Hopes, and Homes, Crumbling on Indian Tea Plantations
Columbia Law School’s report paints a grim portrait of life on Amalgamated tea plantations in Assam.

Shaping Global Partnerships for a Post-2015 World
Stanford Social Innovation Review
The principles of collective impact offer important lessons for architects of global collaborative efforts.

Aid to Africa: private sector investment becomes new priority
The Guardian
Rich countries switch focus to funding businesses to help farmers and improve food security under the New Alliance.


As Genocide Looms
NYT editorial board
Without urgent action, the Central African Republic’s descent into chaos will soon be unstoppable. The lives of millions of people are at risk.

How to Build a Perfect Refugee Camp
NYT magazine
Many of the world’s displaced live in conditions striking for their wretchedness, but what is startling about Kilis, Turkey, is how little it resembles the refugee camp of our imagination. It is orderly, incongruously so.

Development Bloat
Foreign Affairs, subscription
How mission creep harms the poor.

Economic development

The Most Important Alliance You've Never Heard Of
The Atlantic
Latin American countries have failed to work together for two centuries. That may be about to change.

Why 'Brain Drain' Can Actually Benefit African Countries
The Atlantic
A new study reveals that the farther African migrants move, the more they increase exports in their home countries.

Sliding backwards again
The Economist
Robert Mugabe’s government, free of its coalition partner, risks driving the country back down a road to poverty and despair.

Financial inclusion

Designing Mobile Microinsurance Products: Premium Payment Methods
Mobile microinsurance products are not only growing in number, but they are also reaching people in many of the world’s poorest countries.


Sudanese TV Show, Without the Cutthroat ‘You’re Fired,’ Rewards Entrepreneurs
It was the final episode, broadcast live from Khartoum’s 18-story, egg-shaped Corinthia Hotel tower, built by Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya. On stage, under flashing colored lights, the five contestants, three men and two women, waited anxiously for the outcome. The show is Sudan’s version of “The Apprentice,” and at a time of national economic hardship, it has kindled the imagination of Sudanese youth.


Clinton launches data drive on women's empowerment
Hillary Rodham Clinton is launching a new global review of data to analyze the advancement of women and girls around the world since the mid-1990s.


Hip Gadgets For The Developing World Won't Solve Global Poverty: Stop Making Them
The poor don’t need another solar-powered nasal hair remover.

On cookstoves, there’s no need for hyperbole
If you want to do something about indoor pollution in very poor countries, focus on incomes.

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