Global Ideas News Brief: Climate insurance + Arab startups

Global Ideas News Brief: Climate insurance + Arab startups

By Anonymous (not verified), December 2, 2013
Entrepreneurs at the second Start-Up Weekend in Gaza in October 2012 had the opportunity to work with Google experts. Google has continued supporting tech startups in the region. Photo: Mercy Corps

Climate by Numbers
New Yorker, subscription
Can a tech firm help farmers survive global warming?

Getting to School Shouldn’t Be This Dangerous
Many children around the world miss school or drop out altogether because the journey is too risky.

The Last T-Shirt In Colombia (audio)
The Planet Money men's T-shirts were made in Bangladesh. The Planet Money women's T-shirts were made in Colombia. On today's show, we move from Bangladesh to Colombia — and we see an entirely different world.

Arab startups

Q&A: Google Talks About Supporting Startups in Egypt, And Censorship
Wael Fakharany, Google's regional manager in North Africa, speaks to The Wall Street Journal about the company’s vision for supporting tech startups that can help revolutionize the way people do business in Egypt and the wider region.

4 steps to harnessing the Arab startup revolution
McKinsey blog
When I ask US and Arab officials how they plan to engage with the Arab start-up revolution, I am frequently greeted with blank stares or token gestures.


Syria Seen as Most Dire Refugee Crisis in a Generation
As the boom of shelling resounded along Turkey’s border with Syria here on a recent afternoon, Zakaria Deeb had nowhere left to run.

A catastrophe in the making?
The Economist
Rebels are on the rampage and their foes are fighting back

How Do You Rank Refugees?
In Jordan, aid workers wrestle with a deeply troubling question: What makes an asylum seeker from Syria needier than one from Sudan?

Financial inclusion

Mobile phones are route to financial inclusion for Kenyans
Financial Times, login required
Interview with Njuguna Ndung’u, governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, who helped establish the country as one of the friendliest in the world to mobile money platforms.


Google’s Project Link connects Kampala, Uganda at modern Internet speeds
Google has built a fiber-optic network in Kampala, Uganda, the company announced today, and it is a huge step forward for the city’s Internet infrastructure.

Economic development

What We’ve Learned From Nafta
NYT Room for Debate
Has Nafta proved to be a success that the United States should try to replicate more widely or the type of trade agreement that should be avoided in the future?

Beijing to Make It Easier to Bet the Farm
Leaders Set Goal of Clarifying Land Rights With Eye to Speeding Urbanization, Improving Agriculture


Philippines typhoon: U.S. aid efforts begin focusing on recovery
LA Times, Interview with Nancy Lindborg
Two weeks after Typhoon Haiyan swept through the central Philippines, food, clean water, plastic sheeting and other life-saving supplies are being pushed out to affected communities, and humanitarian workers are beginning to shift their focus to recovery efforts.

‘Business as Usual, Without Our Roof’: Rebuilding After Haiyan
TIME – covers Oxfam cash transfers
With startling speed, Filipinos are rebuilding homes and livelihoods amid the wreckage — and aid agencies are learning how to help them.

Should the Philippines Rebuild Its Typhoon-Ravaged City?
Tacloban is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters. Does it have a future?


Book review

A Get-Rich Way to Help the Poor
Stanford Social Innovation Review
There's money to be made by selling "ruthlessly affordable" products to the world's 2.7 billion poorest people.

Curated news and insights about innovative, market-driven solutions to poverty explored through news, commentary and discussion.

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