Save the Children CEO on getting the most out of business + charity partnerships

Save the Children CEO on getting the most out of business + charity partnerships

By Anonymous (not verified), October 9, 2012

In a world of instant stock updates and weekly product reports, it's no surprise businesses want immediate results. However, when it comes to partnering with nonprofits to make a societal impact, seeing the long-term effects is a better approach.

In a September interview by FSG, Carolyn Miles, President and CEO of Save the Children, stressed that corporations need to come to a meeting with a non-profit with patience and a long-term perspective. For example, there's no way to raise the education level of girls in any country quickly. Business needs to see the bigger picture and focus on how a project with shared values will produce social and financial profits long into the future.

“Educating girls--why would the corporate sector care about that?,” asks Carolyn Miles in the interview. “That might be [the company's] future workforce in that country. Or, how can they help create a population that can afford to buy their products? Girls' education plays a role in that, too.”

When creating a partnership between a corporation and a non-profit there must be a plan that will benefit both parties with an agreed-upon timeline. Businesses want to make an impact but the key is understanding that benefits may be further down the line.

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