Quotable: Mobile phones democratize development

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Quotable: Mobile phones democratize development

From the BBC:

Arguably the greatest developmental tool we have in our hands isn’t a product of the tens of billons of developmental aid spent over the years, but a by-product of private sector investment.

Anyone anywhere with an internet connection and a software development kit can help tackle some of the bigger problems of our time. What we are witnessing is the democratisation of development.

Designing mobile applications for the next billion, or the bottom of the pyramid, or the other 90% - whatever you choose to call it – is now big business. You only have to look at cites like Nairobi, where companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Hewlett Packard and Samsung have set up shop.

The author, Ken Banks, writes about mobile technology for social good at kiwanja.net and founded FrontlineSMS.

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