The world's coolest social innovations (Video)

The world's coolest social innovations (Video)

Welcome to the future of social engineering. (Video, 25 minutes)

If someone recommended a movie about super-rats, mobile sewers and electric soccer balls you’d probably think it was something out of science fiction. Actually, it’s something out of social innovation.

The global research firm McKinsey partnered with to release a documentary based on over 150 video submissions about budding social innovations. The video highlights some of the innovations including a mobile sewer removal tank, rats trained to clear landmines and a soccer ball that stores electricity and doubles as a lamp.

The half-hour documentary interviews some of the leading voices in social innovation who help explain the concept:

The essence of social innovation is finding new ways to solve old problems. - Lynn Taliento, Parker, McKinsey & Company

Design thinking is a way of thinking about problems and a way of bringing in the environment where something is going to be used, the people who are going to use it and the system in which it’s embedded and wrapping all of that up into the production of particular type of ‘thing,’ an object or a product or a service. - David Kilcullen, CEO, Caerus Associates

A lot of people are attracted to this realm because it combines their innate desire to do something good along with the possibility to tie it into something innovative in terms of technology or approach. - Tom Freston, Chairman of the Board, ONE

While it might not be science fiction, social innovation can be just as fascinating.

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