Can mobile phones end extreme poverty? Jeffrey Sachs thinks so.

Mobile Technology

Can mobile phones end extreme poverty? Jeffrey Sachs thinks so.

International economist and director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University Jeffrey Sachs weighs in:

If every village had wireless connectivity, and it had computers in the schools, in the clinics, in the community centers, in the farmer cooperatives; if community health workers and agriculture workers were carrying their cell phones, interconnected with the computers, there'd be no such thing as economic isolation anymore.

I don't think we're doing yet everything that can be done to use the power of wireless broadband and all that it will bring. But I see it before my eyes, in just the last few years, making a decisive difference. And now in every village where I go, someone's got a cell phone, somebody can make an emergency call, someone can find out the price on the market, someone can start a business empowered by the fact that they can reach a customer or a supplier, someone can drive a taxi or a truck for that reason as well. Everything is changing.

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