Quotable: Employees vs. Citizens

Quotable: Employees vs. Citizens

By Anonymous (not verified), March 5, 2012

Companies aren't just people -- they're actually whole countries.

In his latest series on Foreign Policy, David Rothkopf sheds some surprising—and not-so-surprising—light on just how much power super-companies actually wield. "Supercitizens and Semistates" profiles some of the world's largest corporations:

Over the last century, the world's biggest private-sector organizations have come to dwarf all but the largest governments in resources, global reach, and influence.

In his article, "Inside Power, Inc.," Rothkopf writes, "Striking the right balance between private and public power is the fundamental challenge of our age. Find the sweet spot -- prudent regulation, empowering citizens to compete, fostering economic dynamism, and fairness for all -- and your society will thrive in the 21st century. Get the equation wrong, and the results will be measured in social instability, diminishing prosperity, and declining ability to shape your destiny. Choices that seem entirely domestic in nature will have massive geopolitical consequences."

"...For the majority, the disenfranchised who make up today's 99 percent, the hybrid capitalism likely to emerge from the current competition in the global marketplace of ideas may well be a fairer, more sustainable alternative.

Editor's note: David Rothkopf is CEO and Editor-at-Large of Foreign Policy. He is also President and CEO of Garten Rothkopf, an international advisory firm specializing in transformational trends, especially those associated with energy choice and climate change, emerging markets and global risk.

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