GOMANGO! A simple solution to save Haiti's leading fruit

GOMANGO! A simple solution to save Haiti's leading fruit

By Anonymous (not verified), February 17, 2012

Transporting Haitian mangos to U.S. grocery stores involves a lot of bumps and bruises. This simple packaging innovation keeps the mangos safer so farmers can reap the rewards of their full harvest. (Watch the video)

Devised by Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences students, the team is "creating a low-cost container and components that can be used with existing sacks and crates to minimize bruising in transit, as well as exploring ways to productively use fruit that does get bruised to generate small-scale entrepreneurship."

If this wooden box and a piece of plastic can add significant value to the supply chain, bringing in more cash for Haitian farmers, we'll say "Go Mango!" to that.

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