Geeks in Gaza

Geeks in Gaza

By Anonymous (not verified), February 8, 2012

What do you get when you combine geeks from Gaza, tech startup wizards from Seattle, app nerds from Google, economic development wonks from Mercy Corps and a little seed funding from generous donors? The first ever Startup Weekend in Gaza. Watch the video and get nerdy.

What they're saying at the Gaza Startup Weekend:

The one common thing that I think unites everyone here is that they really, really see a lot of opportunity here to kind of prove that even in Gaza... people are really skilled, really passionate, really powerful.

- Adam Stelle, Chief Operating Officer, Startup Weekend

We have a very, very high percentage of developers and designers and technical people, which is really great. So there’s a strong product focus here and there’s that technical talent to back it up.

- Adam Stelle, Chief Operating Officer, Startup Weekend

I’m meeting new people, new business people, new technical people. Different knowledge, people who use different techniques.

- Alaa Hamouda, Startup Weekend participant

This program, it’s part of the economic development that we are trying to create in Gaza, so that we can engage youth to find better jobs and more income and better opportunities.

- Reem Omran, Senior Youth Development Officer, Mercy Corps

I need your support. I need you to be side-by-side with me to achieve what we are dreaming of.

- Mira Bakri, participant

Get involved as a mentor, trainer or investor:

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