Tips from Ashoka's Top Social Entrepreneurs

Tips from Ashoka's Top Social Entrepreneurs

By Anonymous (not verified), July 13, 2011

One room, packed with 1,000 bustling social entrepreneurs, is bound to muster innovative ideas to change the world. It’s the Ashoka Changemakers association that makes it possible.

Ashoka Changemakers is a global online community that aims to bring together innovators, journalists, investors and enthusiasts to solve some of the world’s toughest problems. It’s now one of the largest associations of social entrepreneurs.

On June 21-22, 1,000 Changemakers met in Versailles, France to exchange ideas and encourage each other’s projects. Ideas varied from parenting and youth empowerment programs to solar power projects. Roots of Empathy, which aims to build caring, peaceful and civil societies as well as Solar Aid which plans to deliver clean and renewable power to some of the poorest people in the world, were both on hand.

The leading Changemakers aim to help relieve some of the pressures of new social entrepreneurship with simple, but valid statements. "When things don’t turn out the way you’ve planned, it’s because there is a better solution waiting to be found," says Thorkil Sonne, founder of software-testing company Specialsterne.

Check out the video below for more tips on creating and running successful social enterprises from some of the leading Changemakers.

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