From Oregon to Turkey

From Oregon to Turkey

By Anonymous (not verified), January 31, 2011
View of Istanbul from Bogazici Universitesi. Photo: <a href="">Cemnaz (flickr)</a>
View of Istanbul from Bogazici Universitesi. Photo: Cemnaz (flickr)

I'll be waking up at 3:30 tomorrow morning to begin my journey from Portland, Oregon, to Istanbul, Turkey, where I'll be based for the next several months while I embark on a trip of a lifetime.

My move to Istanbul is for a short-term study abroad program at Bosphorus University's school of International Relations and Political Science. Though I have traveled to Istanbul before, living there will be a completely new experience. I'm excited to live in the city that boasts being in both Europe and Asia.

I'll be taking advantage of Istanbul's central location and taking several side trips as part of an independent study on post-Soviet economies. My itinerary is pretty diverse -- everywhere from Estonia to Georgia is on the list.

My trips to these places will have an academic focus at the core, but I plan to interviewing people I meet along the way to get the local take on the state of affairs -- which is the part I'm most excited to bring to the blog.

Right now I'm preparing for the 20-hour fight, so I'm jamming my favorite books and snacks into the little space I have left in my carry on... That and a pocket Turkish dictionary, since at the moment my Turkish language skills are still very basic. Now it's back to packing and preparing for the early morning wake-up...

Evallah, or goodbye for now!

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