Girls Need Better Access to Sanitary Pads, Period.

Girls Need Better Access to Sanitary Pads, Period.

By Anonymous (not verified), November 23, 2009

Adolescent girls in developing countries miss up to 50 days of school each year because their families can't afford to buy them sanitary pads.

Fortunately, a start-up called Sustainable Health Enterprises (or the cleverly abbreviated SHE) is working to reverse this trend by helping Rwandan women start their own low-cost sanitary pad businesses. SHE is helping girls stay in school and increasing their potential earning power in the process. One additional year of primary school for a girl means a 10-20 percent increase in her future wages, according to a Council on Foreign Relations study.

This short, eye-catching video explains why SHE is doing the work that it does... The music's great, too.

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