So All May Eat

So All May Eat

So All May Eat Cafe of Denver, Colorado. Photo: <a href="">Stephen Swofford (flickr)</a>
So All May Eat Cafe of Denver, Colorado. Photo: Stephen Swofford (flickr)

“Everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy food while being treated with dignity.” This is the philosophy of So All May Eat, a cafe in Denver, Colorado.

In this quaint little restaurant located in the heart of the Mile-High city, a menu of fresh organic cuisine is prepared daily. However, the menu doesn't list prices and the there isn't a cash register on the counter. There is only a donation box at the front of the store.

The restaurant serves roughly 15,000 people a year, reports the Westword News of Denver, some pay more for their meal and some pay less. There are no suggested prices, allowing everyone to enjoy a quality meal at a price they can afford.

So far, the cafe’s donation system seems to balance itself out, as the restaurant has been in business for almost two years now.

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