The Mysterious Case of Prawo Jazdy

The Mysterious Case of Prawo Jazdy

An unexpected side effect of the increasingly open borders in the European Union: language confusion.

The BBC reports that Irish police recently cracked the mysterious case of Prawo Jazdy, a driver who was alleged to have racked up dozens of speeding and parking tickets throughout the nation.

It turns out that "Prawo Jazdy is actually Polish for driving license and not the first and surname on the license," Irish police determined. Searching the file, Guardians of the Peace of Ireland determined that traffic officers had cited "Mr. Prawo Jazdy" over 50 times.

Poles are the largest ethnic minority in Ireland, according to the 2006 Irish census. The majority of them are recent arrivals who immigrated to Ireland seeking work after Poland joined the EU in 2004.

"If nothing else is learnt from this driving-related debacle," the BBC writes, "Irish police officers should now know at least two words of Polish."

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