Possible Changes Ahead for Cuba

Possible Changes Ahead for Cuba

Although Cuba's new leader says he will continue to run the country under a socialist framework, economic changes may soon be underway.

According to The Economist:

In his speech, Raúl also gave broad hints of economic changes. He recalled a commitment by Fidel in 2005 gradually to revalue the peso. Since many prices are set in hard currency, that is essential if wages are to rise above their average of $20 a month. This would take time, he said, but would involve moving away from the state-run rationing system and taking more account of wages and prices. That amounts to a move towards market mechanisms. And he praised decentralisation.

Some predict that Cuba will try to mimic progress made in Vietnam in Cuba by embracing markets while still adhering to the concept of socialism. This would be a substantial change for Cuban economic policy.

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